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This is a limited-edition (physical) 18" x 24" canvas or 15" x 20" painted glass piece which is also available as a Digital NFT to purchase along with a free download of the song associated with it. Only 3 will be printed. Only 3 will be minted NFTs. (2 now left.)


PriceFrom $15,000.00
  • "Permutations"

    This original artwork was created by the composer specifically for the song of the same name. It has a limited run of only 3 copies each signed by the composer/artist.

  • Copyright Secured.

    All images © 2022 James A. Goins All Rights Reserved.

  • Authentication

    This unique, custom-designed digital print includes a Security Authentication Hologram Seal with a Serial Number in addition to title, date, and signature. 

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