This Time and Age

In eons past, before the awakening of Man (אדם - Adam) a great rebellion and war took place in the heavens.  At the center of the conflict was the creation of a new realm, the new god-like creation that was to occupy this realm and the ultimate overthrow of the Kingdom by one who believed he could ascend the throne without challenge. It was a conflict so fierce that the Sons of God (בני האלהים, Benei HaʼElōhīm) from this realm were cast out losing their positions and entrance to it forever.

Present Day

Two and a half years ago after the announcement of the (M.E.U.) Middle East Union’s newly appointed Czar of peace, 32% of the world’s population vanished from the face of the earth without a trace or warning. On the tail-end of this event with world-wide panic, religious fanaticism and Geo-political tensions rising globally the major governments of the world were finally forced to disclose the existence of, and involvement with, extraterrestrial life. Shortly thereafter, the "Creators" (in truth the בני האלהים, Benei HaʼElōhīm and their fallen off-spring  נְפִילִים‬, Nephilim) made their return


Cyrus Peters has been searching for his father since the sudden removal of billions of people from around the world. One day a package arrives at his home containing two books. One, a small, odd metallic book. The other, his father’s journal. While searching through the journal he comes across a slim drive hidden in its lining. On it is an audio file with a cryptic message in reference to the small metallic book: "Return to God before the Fallen One finds."


With time ticking down and a world still in flux, an imminent showdown between the forces of good and evil will throw us headlong into an adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat as our hero’s quest moves him toward the ultimate truth in This Time and Age: An End Time Musical.


Length 135 Minutes

20 numbers

9M and 2W (+) 10 Additional


Set Requirements: Single multi-level set. Props and set pieces determine location

This Time and Age

Add Materials
  • Rehearsal Materials Include:

    • 1 Librettos or File Download to print 24 scripts
    • 1 Piano Vocal Score or File Download
    • 1 Vocal Demo of Show or File Download
    • 1 Instrumental Show CD or File Download
  • Additional Items to consider:

    • Conductor Score w/parts - Purchased Separately
    • Additional $300 License Fee required for theatres above 300 seats - Purchased Separately
  • Flat Fee License

    Note: $1800 is a flat fee license for up to 6 performances in houses under 300 seats.