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Pitch: Sunday in the Park with George meets Mona Lisa Smile

"Winner - Best Musical" Chameleon Theatre Circle's Tenth Annual New Play Contest!


Bridget is trying to get started on her sculpture.  A skylight illuminates a wire structure roughly the size of a very tall female with arms reaching up standing in the middle of her studio, but every time she begins to work, something interferes.

A memory pops into her head; something one of her parents said makes her lose confidence; she gets a call about her daughter, Annie, ditching school again, or Richard, her husband, interrupts her to express his frustration with work. Then there’s the sexy painter down the hall, Jimmy, suggesting new possibilities and causing even more distraction.


In the past, Bridget got caught up in using her art to express her feelings about the whole gender thing.  There were the giant household appliances, the reptiles with human faces, the Medusa-like figure devouring the ram, but none of that work was taken seriously.  Her plan now is to make a sculpture in the Classical style, of the wood nymph, Daphne, transformed into a tree by her father to protect her from the advances of Apollo.  Annie still thinks this one is about being angry at men and wonders how her mother can make something beautiful when she’s angry.


Length: 120 Minutes

18 numbers

5M and 5W


Set Requirements: Single Set with Multiple levels. Props and set pieces determine locations.

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