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Pitch: Pippin meets Much Ado About Nothing

War has broken out over the death of a patriarch. One brother, taking his lead from the biblical story of Esau and Jacob, steals his brother’s birthright and the kingdom is split in two. Thus begins Way Back When (The tale of the Clown from Pollis Minor.)


At the start we meet Clown a court jester from the old kingdom of Pollis before it was split in two. He now rides back and forth between the two opposing kingdoms trying to mend what was once whole. Only cunning, skill and outright manipulation of men, their hearts and God can make that happen and Clown is the person for it.


With the end of the war his catalyst, and the love of two young hearts as his guide, he forges forth to uncover a most incredible secret, that if revealed would have dire consequence for both kingdoms!


Length: 90 Minutes

17 Numbers

5M and 5W (+) 6 Additional


Set Requirements: Single Set. Props and set pieces determine locations.

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