Cyrus Peters has been searching for his father since the "relocation." One day a package arrives at his home containing two items. One, a little metallic book, the other, his father’s journal. While searching through the journal he finds clues, names, and locations of where his father has been and a cryptic message in reference to the small metallic book: "Return to God before the Fallen One finds."

Believing his father may still be alive Cyrus sets out to find him by using the journal as a guide and somehow return the book to God. But little does he know that his quest will bring him face-to-face with the ancient enemy; the Fallen Rebel himself. He has been searching for this little "Book of the Sealed." This one little book has the power to alter God's grand scheme to complete the redemption of His creation, remove evil from the earth, and restore man’s place in the Kingdom.

With time ticking down and a world in flux, an imminent showdown between the forces of good and evil will throw us headlong into an adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat as our hero’s quest moves him toward the ultimate truth in This Time and Age the musical.

Length: 120 Minutes

Music: 19 Numbers

Cast Size: 30 (Some roles can double)


Set Requirements: Single Multi-level Set. Props and set pieces determine locations.


Delayna Publishing